Internal combustion engine parts



Cylinder liner.

Gudgeon pin or wrist pin.
Connecting rod.
Big end bearing.
Inlet valve.
Fuel inlet valve.
Exhaust valve.
Air filter.
Exhaust pipe.
Lubricating oil inlet.

Details Description of the different part of the IC engine:::–

Cylinder::-  the cylinders of internal combustion engines are generally made of cast iron or Nickel cast iron. In the case of large engines, all the cylinders are cast iron 1 Block. Maula Din jeans the cylinder with water jacket is cast in one block; 4 large engine power cylinder liners are used with the main cylinder. In the case of water, it is sufficient to replace the liner. Those liners contain passage for the flow of cooling water. A cylinder head connecting the spark plug or atmosphere is fitted to eat the cylinder on the head inside of the Piston through studs and nuts. The cylinder body constantly passes through the inlet and outlet of the gases.

Piston:::–  Piston commonly used in IC engines moving to and inside the cylinder are known as trunk piston. A number of piston rings have fitted the groups towards the top of the Piston to prevent the leakage of charge past the piston. These rings are known as compression rings. Distance is made of aluminum alloy and cast steel what rings are made of cast iron. In the case of the two-stroke engine, the piston head is in the form of depleting vans.

Connecting rod:::–

the small end of the connecting rod is connected with the Piston through a pin called a wrist pin or Piston pin or Gudgeon pin. The big end of the connecting rod is connected with the crank through a pin known as a crank pin. Through the connecting rod, the pressure of the working gases is transmitted to the Crank. The connecting rod is made of steel or Nickel steel or duraluminium. In larger engines, the small and is connected to gudgeon pin through a bronze bush. The bearing of the big and side is also branch but and additional white metal linings are added. The lubrication of the pin connecting rod is made Hollow.

Crank and crankshaft:::–  the concept which is the rotating member of the engine is built with one more eccentric portion called the cranks. The big end of the connecting rod is connected with the crank pin. The cans are rectangular in cross-section. The crank and crankshaft are made of steel forging. The main body of the engine which contains the crankshaft and crankshaft bearing is known as a crankcase.

Flywheel:::–   The flywheel to control the fluctuation of speed due to fluctuation of energy during a cycle of operation, a heavy mass in the form of a wheel is mounted on the crankshaft of the engine.
this wheel is known as a flywheel. In the case of a multi-cylinder engine, the size of the flywheel is smaller. It is made of cast iron.

Governors:::–   To control the fluctuation of the speed of the engine due to fluctuation is external load, the mechanism used in known as governor. Eat receive Motion from the Engine crankshaft through headgears. Direct action Governor was used with internal combustion engine centrifugal spring-loaded type. Due to rotation, the balls move outward against the compression of the spring. The outward movement of the balls raises the selves upward. The upward movement of the sleeves is used for wearing the delivery of the fuel pump.

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